Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pure Castile?

So, as I sit here this morning, pondering over this batch of soap I am about to make, I keep asking myself "At what point is PURE castile, no longer pure castile?"  Ok, I know what pure castile soap is, as do 99.9% of all other soapers out there.  And, If I am only using one oil (pure olive, of course), does the end product no longer get the jeweled title of Castile, if I use pure aloe juice as 100% of my liquid?  Or how about if I use 50% herb infused olive oil and 50% non infused olive oil?  And, of course, being the addidcted, overindulgent soaper that I am, what if I added organic yucca root powder to the the soap?  And I have also pondered a 50% aloe vera juice, 50% coconut milk mixture for my liquid, seeing as how I currently make a lovely bar of soap with other oils and nut butters with my 50/50 aloe & coconut milk mixture that sells VERY well.  Ohhhh....and what if I used 1/2 beer and 1/2 aloe juice as my liquid???

See my predicament?  lol....well, ok, so maybe to NONsoapers, this does not qualify as a predicament.  BUT....to a soaper, (ok, maybe just THIS soaper) this is DEFINATELY a "How on earth am I going to label, much less name this totally crazy, all too additive rich, overindulgent mess of soap?" predicament-ish situation!!  

Hmmmmm.....well, I guess the only thing to do here, is to make the soap NOW.....worry about all the rest LATER!  hehe....sounds like a plan to me!

Pictures to follow!

Monday, June 18, 2012

More Goodness PLEASE!

Ahhhh.....the goodness of shea butter!  I have reformulated my soap recipes so that they are now LOADED with shea butter.  And not just any shea butter, I use only the BEST, top quality shea butter.  Totally unrefined! Nothing added and nothing taken away.  My shea butter is pure and natural, scraped right from the karite seed and put straight into my soaps.`
Pardon, while I use a few "big" words to describe shea butter..lol~First, did you know that shea butter is made up of several oil-soluble components that are nonsaponifiable?  Which means it does not go through the saponification process like other fatty acids do when mixed with an alkali.  And since shea butter has a significantly HIGHER nonsaponifiable fraction than most other fats, nut butters and oils, it has a greater healing potential on the skin.
Shea Butter is great for nourishing and moisturizing dry, cracked skin.  It reduces fine lines and stretch marks and is high in Vitamins A & E!  Shea butter is also known for its ability to ease skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and sunburn.
Shea butter is just one of MANY top quality, natural, organic ingredients I use in my soaps!

Friday, June 8, 2012

So Many Soaps

These past few months have kept me busy making soaps instead of blogging about them.  I have many new scents on the curing racks, and several new scents that I have not had the time to make yet.  I went through my soap stock and only kept the top selling scents from last year, and in the past 5 months, I have been busy restocking those as well as making new formulas and scents.  My website is under major construction to accomidate the higher number of soaps for sale and an easier payment gateway.  Things are slowly but surely chugging along and I hope to have a blog full of content and a website full of products by August!!  Stay tuned!